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Coming Soon to Me…A New Digital Camera

Thursday, January 7, 2010, 12:59 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Pentax K-x digital SLR
When I was a teenager a thousand years ago, the Den Parents gave me a 35mm SLR camera for Christmas. It came with the standard 50mm lens, which I stopped using entirely when they later gave me a 28-75mm zoom lens. That, along with my father’s 70-220mm zoom that I occasionally borrowed and some other accessories like an electronic flash and power winder, gave me many years of photography enjoyment.

Alas, the shutter button mechanism broke sometime in the late 1990s, and I never got around to having it repaired. I still could, if I were inclined to get back into film photography, since I saved the pieces. But the rise of digital photography and the decline of my own available free time for photographic pursuits made it less and less of a priority.

A few years ago (probably six or seven, though I can’t remember precisely), I began thinking about picking up a digital camera. Coincidentally, so was my mother. Neither of us wanted to spend a lot of money, but I wanted something better than I could afford at the time. We ended up going in half-and-half on an Olympus (I think it was this model or perhaps its immediate predecessor) and sharing joint custody. It was fairly state-of-the-art for a PHD (“push here, dummy”) camera and cost about $350. It served us well and we got much more than our money’s worth out of it until last spring, when it unceremoniously died.

My father exhibited little interest in a digital SLR, and Ma’s idea of a complex camera is one with a power switch, so I ended up giving them a new point-and-shoot camera for Christmas. Then, despite much wavering, I bit the bullet and bought myself a Pentax K-x body. It is billed as an “entry level digital SLR,” which is fine for now as I begin to delve more deeply into the wonderful world of digital imagery. I figure I can always upgrade later, after I get more comfortable with the technology and know better which features are worth spending money on.

I had concerns about getting myself a Pentax, as other brands of digital SLRs (specifically Canon and Nikon) seemed to get better reviews. But my lenses, which are still perfectly good, are the K-mount, and Pentax is the only manufacturer whose digital cameras use that mount. I simply wasn’t prepared to spend a couple thousand dollars or more to replace my zoom lens and the one Dad said he would hand down to me.

So I was understandably thrilled to find the K-x, and after some online price shopping, I ordered it. It should be here next week. Then all I’ll need is a memory card and away I go.

A new year with a new toy—what could be better? Look for some photo blogging by the Den Mother in the coming months.

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