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The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

Monday, December 21, 2009, 03:11 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

…but I had a fabulous weekend, filled with fun, so it’s all good.

The Three Altos - Karen, the Den Mother, SusanI kicked off the weekend with Karen and Susan at the Messiah Sing. It was the Masterworks Chorale’s 48th annual sing, and a few hundred people attended. The orchestra was comprised of volunteer musicians, and obviously the chorus was a mix of singers of a wide range of abilities and experiences, so it was a bit rough around the edges. But part of the fun is hearing everything come together without any rehearsal whatsoever.

Anyone who has never done choral singing cannot possibly imagine how difficult it is to direct an enormous chorus who have never sung together—or how difficult it is to sing in that chorus. I admit there were many times when my internal metronome made me want to yell at the sopranos and basses to STOP DRAGGING. It’s extremely annoying to be following the director and be a beat ahead of half the chorus. But it got better as we went along. In fact, after the intermission, the director took the opportunity to tell us that our performance of “His Yoke Is Easy” (which, he pointed out, isn’t easy) was the best he has heard at a Messiah Sing.

The rest of my weekend activities were a mixed bag. There was the good (making more jingle bell earrings—stay tuned for four more days of tacky Christmas earrings!—and attending two parties), the bad (a hockey game which the hometown Worcester Sharks lost at the same time the Bruins were losing and a day after both the Bruins and Celtics lost), and the ugly (several inches of snow last night that, while nice to look at, made getting out of the driveway and navigating the local roads a bit dicey). Oh, and at some point this afternoon, I lost my gloves. But through it all I have been humming Friday’s music, making it a pretty good weekend overall.

Now all I have to do is finish my Christmas shopping.

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