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The Queen Rides Transit

Friday, December 18, 2009, 19:58 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Did you catch the story about how Britain’s reigning monarch took a commuter train to her Christmas vacation? I’m not big on monarchy, but I love Elizabeth II, and this is one reason why.

Fellow passengers on the 10.45 First Capital Connect service to King’s Lynn couldn’t quite believe their eyes as the Queen stepped on board a first class carriage.

[ . . . ]

The monarch, with a few attendants, sat at the rear of the train in an eight-seat section of a carriage which was separated from the rest of the seats by a sliding glass door.

[ . . . ]

The Queen, 83, appeared perfectly relaxed as she chatted with her aides for the first leg of the 100 mile journey to King’s Lynn, the nearest station to Sandringham.

Asked by a passenger, one security guard confirmed that the Queen — and all her attendants — had bought tickets for the journey.

A first class open return bought on the day costs £86, but the guard joked: “It was probably a super saver advance — and she does get a discount as an OAP[*], remember.”

Her frugal and practical behavior is in stark contrast to that of the heir apparent, who set off to Copenhagen in a fuel-guzzling private jet on his quest to save the earth. If you ask me, Charles doesn’t believe there is any climate crisis at all. I say this because he doesn’t act like there’s a crisis. If he did, he would have flown commercial. According to a quick search I did at BritishAirways.com, a direct flight from Heathrow Airport to Copenhagen takes under two hours and costs about £719.00 (US $1,157.00 at this moment) for a Club Europe ticket, which is apparently the highest class of service available for such a short flight. It’s certainly more luxurious than the vehicle ridden by his mother who, the last time I checked, still outranks him.

*OAP = old age pensioner. And I hope they gave her the discount.

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