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Tacky Christmas Earrings of the Day

Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 17:33 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s toy soldiers comes today’s tacky specimen. These aren’t the tackiest earrings I own (the St. Patrick’s Day trolls complete with green hair get that distinction) but they top the list for this time of year, for several reasons.

First, they’re plastic. Hold them in your hand and you can easily imagine them coming off the assembly line like a sheet of plastic model parts, and if you look at each piece closely, you can see the little rough spot where it was broken away from the sheet and no one bothered to file it down. Second, no one really knows what they are. A flower? A cookie? A deformed snowflake? It remains a mystery. Third, because the identity of the object is unknown, we also don’t know if it actually has anything to do with Christmas. I thought they looked Christmas-y, and the people I showed them to agreed. That’s good enough for me.

Tomorrow’s installment will be significantly less laughable, since I have a concert to attend at my high school after work and don’t want to totally embarrass myself.

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