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Tuesday, December 15, 2009, 19:28 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

The Den MotherDon’t I look happy? One of the advantages of working where I do (not necessarily the overall company or my office location, but my particular team) is that we know how to throw some fun into our work day. So although, as the Den Son would say, I feel like ass today (I am reasonably confident it isn’t the swine flu, but just in case, I’m not breathing on anyone and am working a half day so I can go home and sleep), I nonetheless had an enjoyable lunch with my co-workers. We ordered out for pizza from the Boynton (yum! even though I only had half a slice because of that stupid diet thing) and then swapped cookies. Now I get to take home two dozen assorted sweets, including chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, gingerbread, lemon, sugar cookies, and a few others I won’t be able to identify until they hit my tongue.

Toy soldier earringsSince we’re in the home stretch to Christmas, I will also take this opportunity to showcase my Tacky Seasonal Earrings of the Day. They’re little toy soldiers I picked up a few years ago. Check in every few days for a new featured pair of Tacky Seasonal Earrings.

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