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The Den Small-Businesswoman, Part II?

Monday, November 30, 2009, 03:13 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Back in the 1990s, I worked as a professional freelance calligrapher. Calligraphy had been a hobby since childhood, and after honing my skills I began to realize I could make some money at it. I always worked another job at the same time, since my calligraphy income wasn’t enough to live on. My suspicion was that with some seed money and a dedicated a stretch of time—a year, perhaps—I would be able to grow it into a viable business. Unfortunately, I never found the seed money or the time. Part of the problem was that custom calligraphy is labor-intensive, and without some ancillary sources of revenue, I wouldn’t have been able to swing it during the transition. I miss it, though, and would like to get back to it some day.

I bring this up because I am embarking on a new venture, another part-time project, but one that will not be nearly as labor-intensive. While I am not ready yet to say what it is, I can tell you that it a product pertaining to baseball. In order to make the start-up more viable, I plan to do the assembly of the products myself, until I have the sales volume to make outside production feasible.

As so often happens in life, one person’s misfortune can be a lucky break for someone else. I learned last week that one of my college sorority friends recently closed her business and is selling some equipment that will be critical to my start-up effort. If all goes well, I may be ready to roll by early summer.

When the time comes for the big announcement, I will post it here. ish me luck.

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