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Introducing Your New Class Scribe…ME!

Monday, November 9, 2009, 18:05 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

My high school alumnae newsletter arrived in the mail at the end of last week. The first thing I do upon receiving either my high school newsletter or my college alumni magazine is turn to the class notes section and see what my classmates have been up to. Alas, in lieu of news of the Class of 1982 were a mere three words: Class scribe needed.

With the image of those words still fresh on my retinas, I sprang into action and emailed the school’s Director of Alumnae to volunteer. The next school day (i.e. this morning), I received a reply and a list of alumnae emails with which to get started. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of our class have email addresses on file with the school, and my emails to several of those have already bounced back.

In the unlikely event that any members of Notre Dame Academy‘s class of 1982 are reading this, please contact me via the link in the right sidebar, or look for the “NDA-Worcester ’82” group that will be active on Facebook before this week is out. I would love to hear from you, even if you have nothing to share in the next newsletter.


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