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That Time of Life

Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 22:00 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

“Menopause is a natural and important part of every woman’s life. Most women experience this stage after age 40 and spend a third of their life in this phase.”

So saith WebMD, and when I read that last part, I yelled out loud.

It would appear that I am in the stage known as perimenopause, a self-diagnosis based on a recent spate over the last several months of hot flashes and a couple other symptoms that frankly are too embarrassing to mention on a public blog. And considering some other topics I’ve blogged about in the past, that’s saying something.

Hot flashes are no fun at any time of year, but they’re especially troublesome in the summer. Granted, it’s one of the coolest summers I can remember, and I live, work, and drive in air-conditioned comfort, but unfortunately that doesn’t help me outdoors or at work, where the facilities department has politely but firmly refused to lower the air conditioning to 66 degrees when I’m flashing.

Earlier this week, one of my co-workers was kind enough to bring in the above pictured “hot flash fanner” that she got when she turned 50. She has passed it along to me like a baton in the relay race of life. And last night, my son bought me an oscillating fan. All of this means, naturally, that I haven’t had a hot flash all week. But when they return, I’ll be ready.

Coincidentally, at the end of this month, I’m going with two work friends (including the one who gave me the folding fan) to see Menopause: The Musical. I hope the theater cranks up the A/C.

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