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Killed in the Service of Her Country

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This came via e-mail from my friend and co-worker, Karen, a former Peace Corps volunteer in western Africa. The time she mentions is past, so I would ask you to take your own time to honor this individual who is as much of a national hero as the military personnel who die serving abroad.

Many of you know, some from first hand experience, what a profound effect Peace Corps service has on both the Volunteer and on his or her community. Still more of you know how highly I regard Peace Corps Volunteers and their committment to advancing the causes of justice and humanity abroad and at home.

But only some of you may have heard that Peace Corps lost a Voluteer in Benin, the country where I served from 2000 to 2002. She was an English Teacher, just like I was. This Volunteer died last week, in what may turn out to have been a violent crime. She was loved by her community and her students, of that there can be no doubt. The loss to her own family, to her Peace Corps family, and to her village cannot be measured.

I am writing to you this afternoon to respectfully ask you to join hundreds of others in observing a moment of silence tomorrow, Monday March 16, from Noon to 12:05pm. In our hectic and check-list worlds, it seems fitting to pause, to be in the moment, or as the Beninoise taught me, “to just be – not just do”. If you cannot arrange a full five minutes, please try to pause to remember Catherine “Kate” Puzey of Badjoude, Benin and Cummin, GA.

Thank you for reading this and for considering joining us.

Karen ________

RPCV, Benin

2000 – 2002

A few articles about Kate Puzey:

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