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Liberals and the Mama Cass Phenomenon

Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 22:15 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

I could write a book about all the liberal anti-Bush bitching that is based on 100% pure fallacy, and maybe some day I will. Unfortunately, the diarrhea of the mouth hasn’t ended now that Barack Obama is President. Liberals from sea to shining sea continue to fall prey to what I call the Mama Cass Phenomenon, so named because of all the people who to this day think that Cass Eliot of the Mamas and the Papas choked to death on a sandwich. (She didn’t; she had a massive heart attack as she was eating lunch.) Once a story like that takes off, so many people take it as fact that there is no way to set them all straight.

That is what has happened with liberal opinion of George W. Bush. So much of what people have against him is based on verifiable inaccuracy, and any attempts to set people straight are invariably met by the resistance of a religious zealot encountered by an apostate. I just read yet another stunning example of such anti-Bush delusion on the Boston Globe web site, in the comments section of a Jeff Jacoby column.

by sweetlandoliberty January 21, 6:37 AM

Where to begin with the Bush years? The election was too close in 2000 the Supreme Court had to decide it. Most of us thought that was rigged. Then 9-11 hit us badly, and Bush reacted as if he didn’t have a clue. When he did react, it was to invade Iraq, not Afghanistan where Bin Laden was. It sure looked as though all he was doing was getting even with Saddam for his father.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Guantanamo made you wonder if you were really living in America. For me, the worst thing about his presidency is that he was out to lunch while Cheney took over for all intents and purposes. This administration deserves to a large degree the contempt of the nation. What you can say about it is that, since 911, we have not been attacked on American soil by terrorists. Along the way, though, we forgot who we were.

President Obama represents a 360 degree turnaround from Bush. We are hopeful that we can live up to our own standards of justice, freedom, compassion and independance. We can do that by looking forward, not backwards.

So few sentences, so many errors. After 9/11, Bush invaded Iraq rather than Afghanistan? Huh? Bush invaded Afghanistan in October 2001. The Iraq invasion didn’t come until March 2003.

Bush did it to get even with Saddam for his father? It was Bill Clinton who did that, bombing Baghdad in retaliation for an Iraqi-backed plot to assassinate G.H.W. Bush during a visit to Kuwait by the former President. No word from this rocket scientist about the 13 United Nations resolutions that Iraq defied, either.

Guantanamo, Cheney, yada yada. Anytime people bring these up without actually, you know, saying anything, you know they have no idea what they’re talking about. But when they do say something specific, it’s usually something long since debunked, such as soldiers urinating on Korans (never happened) and Dick Cheney’s actions as Vice President being unconstitutional (an idea dismantled by scads of constitutional scholars after Joe Biden tried to rewrite the Constitution during a Vice Presidential debate).

But this commenter saved the best for last. Obama is a 360 degree turnaround from Bush. Wow. Anyone who passed 6th grade math (or was it 5th?) will recognize a 360 degree turnaround as going around in a complete circle to face the same direction in which you started.

And people wonder why I don’t listen to these people any more.

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