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This Says More Than Highs and Lows

Saturday, November 22, 2008, 15:45 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Now this is a weather forecast. Courtesy of AccuWeather’s Elliot Abrams, via my dad:

Friday 10:15 AM

For the next day (Midwest) or two (Northeast), a shot of very cold air will blast us on the strength of face freezing, collar clutching, nose nipping, thumb numbing, ice-box bitter, bird blocking blusters. The icy jaws of winter will open wide as they bring us face freezing winds sent out ahead of time from the icy dungeon of dim December. This air has crossed the arctic tundra, where venturing out without proper protection is a sure invitation to frozen doom. It’s not just the glacial frigid gelidity that contributes to the feeling of hyperborean chill, but also the adiathermic biting and piercing hiemal keen and nipping winterbound, niveous, isocheimal and polar unwarmed infrigidation that’s numbed our thumbs and frozen our toes.

How long will we face these bitter ice cold winds? How long will we face the needles of winter’s icy fingers and the piercing refrigerated ice box blasts of marrow chilling, teeth chattering, glaciated bitter blusters of Canadian cold? The cold will ease from west to east later in the weekend, but could return by the middle of next week. In between, a storm is likely to strengthen as it moves from the Great Lakes on Monday to the Middle Atlantic or southern New England coast on Tuesday. North of the track of the storm, there can be a good deal of snow. To the south, precipitation should be mainly rain. As cold air wraps around the west side of the storm, snow showers will follow from the Great Lakes into the Appalachians. The storm may be blocked from moving away very quickly once it moves into eastern Canada.

Putting things in perspective:

It’s not like we haven’t faced this before

It’s not like it’s the first time this has happened

It’s not as cold as it will be when winter actually arrives.

But, in the meantime, there’s no bypassing of the bitterness, no solace from the sun, no easing of the freezing, cause the breezing is not teasing. By the way, it’s gonna be cold.


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