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Stand Up for a Working Family!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 20:07 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

It would make a great lawyer joke if it weren’t true. Roy L. Pearson, Jr., an administrative law judge from Washington, D.C., who claimed that his dry cleaners gave him back the wrong pair of pants. Naturally, he sued the cleaners. For $54,000,000. That’s $54 million, for those confused by all those zeroes. Washington Superior Court Judge Judith Bartnoff, the much more sane judge who was saddled with the task of hearing this ridiculous lawsuit, ruled in favor of the dry cleaners and threw out the suit. Read all about it here.

The problem is that to get to that point, the family that owns the dry cleaning business, Jin, Soo, and Ki Chung, spent almost $100,000 in legal costs. The Chungs are considering a lawsuit against Pearson to recoup their legal costs, but the nit-wit will probably figure out a way to drag it out and cost them even more money.

Which brings me to the banner at the top of this post. The Institute for Legal Reform and the American Tort Reform Association are holding a fundraiser to support the Chungs, whose entire savings is reportedly gone. Whether or not you’re in the D.C. area, you might consider helping out. Go here to buy tickets or make a donation. I did. For more information, check out the Chungs’ defense fund.

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