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A Regular Joe, er, John

Friday, January 26, 2007, 22:31 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Once and again Presidential candidate John Edwards is a champion of average Americans. Just ask him, if you can get past the gate of his new 28,200 square foot mansion with two garages, a basketball court, a squash court, two stages, a swimming pool, and a four-story tower (?) — all on 102 acres.

Just how big is 28,200 square feet? For comparison, George W. Bush‘s Crawford, Texas, house is 10,000 square feet.

Put another way, if the Edwards home were one story, which most of it apparently is, and had a square footprint, each side of the house would be 168 feet long. The White House is 168 feet long and, despite having six stories consisting mostly of non-residential space, is 55,000 square feet, less than double the space in Edwards’ digs.

How much is 102 acres of land? That’s enough to fit the White House grounds into slightly more than five and a half times.

How much does such a property cost? County tax officials believe the Edwards property will net the county more than $6,000,000 in tax revenue. The tax revenue on the Bush ranch, which is assessed at just under $1,000,000, is significantly less.

John Edwards. A true man of the people.

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