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The Agony of Defeat

Monday, November 13, 2006, 22:10 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

For a fan who has attended exactly three games in my life, I’m taking yesterday’s defeat awfully hard.

No, I am not talking about the Patriots’ embarrassing loss to the pathetic New York Jets. It’s worse than that.

Jay Heaps after missing final PKAs they did two other times in the past four years, the Patriots’ co-residents at Gillette Stadium, the New England Revolution, played in the MLS Cup championship game—and lost. Scoreless in regulation (that’s 90 minutes plus stoppage time, for the soccerly impaired), the game saw its first goal off the foot of the Revs’ Taylor Twellman 23 minutes into overtime. But because the championship game has no Golden Goal (that’s sudden death, for the soccerly impaired), the Houston Dynamo—and what kind of stupid name for a team is that, anyway?— were able to tie it up, forcing a kick-off to decide the game. Houston made four of their penalty kicks, New England made three. And that was that.

The missed PKs were by Pat Noonan (nicked the crossbar on the way over the net) and Jay Heaps (blocked). Now obviously, I’m no expert on this sport, but it was gratifying to see this morning that I wasn’t the only one wondering why Clint Dempsey wasn’t taking one of those shots.

Must study up on this sport over the winter, so I can go to more games next season. I won’t go broke either, now that Gillette Stadium has stopped their ridiculous practice of charging $35 to park (that’s more than tickets cost). Perhaps I’ll even join the Midnight Riders.

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