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Tuesday, October 17, 2006, 20:25 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m not sure why anyone would send an e-mail with the subject line “baseline the imputation try sorb” and believe that somehow the recipient wouldn’t figure out it’s spam. Yet I got an e-mail with that very subject line just this morning. Does anyone actually respond to such junk? I mean, you can’t tell me there are people out there who look at their inboxes and say, “Baseline the imputation try sorb? I was just wondering about that. Let’s read that message right away!”

Along those lines, here are the subject lines of other actual spam messages that have recently entered my mailbox:

  • ouvre and parch in distribution
  • exhaustion may present try amende
  • nelson try scandinavia it’s hebrew
  • disney ! concomitant and blurb
  • granite optometristbx

Yeah, baby, those interesting subject lines sucked me right in, because I have the IQ of a tree. At least the spammers offering “A New Love Connection With Lots Of Beautiful Singles” and “Play Bingo for Fun Today” let you make an informed decision to click the “delete” button and move on with your life.

I found a very nice web site explaining Why Spam Sucks. The reasons listed: “Spam Doesn’t Work”, “Spammers are Leeches”, “Everyone Hates Spam”, and “Spammers Aren’t Marketers” — which pretty much sums it up.

Disclaimer: Despite my choice of picture to accompany this post, I do not mean to suggest that SPAM® sucks. I’ve never actually eaten the canned meat known far and wide as SPAM®, but apparently it enjoys something of a cult popularity, as I learned from this article. Oh, and just in case the lawyers are reading this, let me mention that SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods Corporation.

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