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Thank God for the Revolutionaries in Our Midst

Monday, July 31, 2006, 15:05 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

ordained Roman Catholic priestsI have long supported the idea of the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic church. I support FutureChurch and Women’s Ordination Conference. So it was with absolute delight that I read about one of those women, an employee of the Archdiocese of Boston, who has revealed her own ordination.

Marchant said she had attended the 2001 ordination of Mary Ramerman of Spiritus Christi Church, a breakaway Catholic congregation in Rochester, N.Y., and was moved to think seriously about her own sense of calling. Marchant chose to be ordained last year by female bishops associated with Roman Catholic Womenpriests, which says its ordinations are valid because its bishops have been ordained, in secret, by valid Roman Catholic bishops.

Marchant isn’t exactly the best spokesperson for women’s ordination; her talk of having an altar at home when she was a child is odd, if not downright irreverent. But her coming-out brings to the fore the occurrence of renegade ordinations that will become more prevalent until the heirarchy of the church takes its collective head out of the sand and starts discussing this issue. The time for such a discussion is long overdue.

For more information about one group coordinating ordinations of women, including those taking place this month, visit Roman Catholic Womenpriests.

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