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If You Can’t Put Up, Shut Up

Monday, July 24, 2006, 20:58 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Did you hear about the Tennessee Republican gubernatorial candidate who was arrested for public intoxication? Apparently Mark Albertini got tanked at a political rally and was seen afterward acting “unsteady on his feet”—oh, and he had a firearm alongside the wine bottle in his car. Cars, booze, and guns. Great combo there, skipper. He denies he was drunk, of course. How much do you want to bet the local police failed to give him a breathalyzer test, just like the U.S. Capitol Police didn’t with Patrick Kennedy?

The best part of the story is that Albertini, according to Fox News’ Brit Hume, is “running on a platform of Christian values.” I’m pretty sure that in the south, “Christian values” include moderation and sobriety. You’d think that someone who makes a point of touting his moral character would be a little more careful in his behavior. But then again, you’re probably smarter than the average politician.

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