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Wednesday, May 31, 2006, 13:45 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

My daily trivia game e-mail (also mentioned in this post about a month ago) arrived this morning with following question:

Besides being famous, what do Katharine Hepburn, Ted Williams, Isaac Asimov, Penn Jillette, Eddie Vedder and Ricky Gervais have in common?

I thought about it for a minute. They represent different generations, so it isn’t age. They chose different professions, so it isn’t occupation. Ted Williams was from California and Katharine Hepburn was from Connecticut, so it isn’t geography. Isaac Asimov is dead and Eddie Vedder is alive, so it isn’t life/health status. They are all white, but that’s too easy.

In the absence of a better idea, I responded this way:

To quote Cheers’ Cliff Clavin when he was on Jeopardy:
“They are all people who have never been in my kitchen.”
But I suspect that isn’t the answer you’re looking for 🙂

Having sent my response, I googled all six names at once and came up with this.

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