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Friday, April 28, 2006, 13:42 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

I subscribe to an daily e-mail trivia game. The topics are random, varied, and often so obscure that I wouldn’t know the answer without looking it up. Yesterday’s question:


    A librocubicularist is a person who what?

“Libro-” was a dead giveaway for something having to do with books. The only thing “-cubicularist” brought to mind was cubicles, those horrible quasi-office modules so common in many business settings, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t it. This morning, we got the answer:


      This is a term for a person who reads in bed. It was supposedly coined by author Christopher Morley in his novel

The Haunted Bookshop

    . Also accepted “person who does something with books in a bedroom, not necessarily reading,” although, quite frankly, that is kinda creepy.

Hee hee!

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