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Funny Conversation of the Week

Friday, April 21, 2006, 18:14 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

So it’s this past Sunday afternoon, and we’re having Easter dinner at my parents’ house. Dad, a wine connoisseur, is pouring the Easter cabernet. He offers some to my son Dave’s girlfriend, Jamie, who is under 21 and doesn’t drink. She agrees to try a little but doesn’t care for it.

Some time into dinner, Dad goes into the kitchen for something. As soon as he is out of site, Jamie whispers to Dave, “Do you want the rest of my wine?”

“It’s alright if you don’t want it,” I chime in.

“But I don’t want your father to feel bad that it’s being wasted,” she replies.

“Jamie, really,” I insist, “if there’s a little wine left undrunk, it’s not a big problem.”

“But,” she says in dismay, “there are sober children in India!”

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