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Run, <Insert Name Here>, Run!

Monday, April 17, 2006, 20:09 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

If it’s Patriots Day, it’s also Marathon Monday. The 110th Boston Marathon is being run today, and though the top finisher crossed the finish line almost two hours ago, many entrants are still on the course.

The Boston Marathon is the oldest annually contested marathon in the world. The current course begins in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and finishes in front of the Prudential Tower in downtown Boston. The most infamous part of the course is the notorious Heartbreak Hill, which peaks between miles 20 and 21 and has ended the marathon hopes of many a runner. Locals are less likely to be bothered by it, though; most of New England is quite hilly, so it’s nearly impossible to train here without becoming accustomed to hills.

I’m tracking my boss, who as of the 30km checkpoint is on a pace to finish the race in 4 hours 8 minutes. Though I am not comfortable mentioning his name here, I am more than willing to send you to the Saucony 26 Boston page where you can watch the pictures at the bottom until you see a man wearing an orange Worcester Tornadoes hat.

Others I am following include a long-time family friend who just finished (official time: 3:28:57!), a neighbor whom I’ve never met but my son refers to as “the obsessed jogger lady”, two of my childhood friends who are also sisters, and the sister of one of my high school classmates. Also of interest to me are three women whose husbands are Red Sox players: Dawn Timlin, Shonda Schilling, and Kathryn Nixon.

Every year, I also track the progress of the oldest registered marathoners. This year, they are 80-year-olds Emery Jewell of Florida and Regina Tumidajewicz of New York, and 84-year-old Carlton Mendell of Maine. At half their ages, I can’t do what they are doing at this moment.

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