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The Den Mother’s Interesting Web Site du Jour

Friday, March 31, 2006, 16:59 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

As I sit here suffering in silence with a head cold, I started wondering why only my left nostril is running and my left eye is watering. What is it, exactly, that causes those symptoms? I get that the common cold is caused by a virus, but isn’t it a systemic thing, where the body’s immune system kicks in, causing a sort of physiological “fight” that makes you feel sick? There’s an image: Good versus evil, virus versus antibodies. I like it. But I digress.

A Google search on “what causes a runny nose” turned up, among others, a site called How Stuff Works that explains that the presence of a rhinovirus in the mucous membranes and the resulting fluid irritates the nose and lungs. Evidently my particular virus got more comfortable in my left nostril than in my right one. Question answered, and in terms I could understand.

Want to know about other things too? This site explains the federal witness protection program, pinball machines, the use of currency, and what a geisha does. Just for starters.

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