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Here’s what the ultra-left sounds like when they don’t get their way. The current cause of their increased blood pressure is the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court following the rather decisive failure of attempts to orchestrate a filibuster.

3:30 pm: The Gang of 14 went into closed-door meetings to stop our peasant uprising. Alito’s personal trainer, Lindsay Graham, will lead the charge against a filibuster. How many of these media-adored "moderates" will vote to help Alito nuke the Constitution?

5:00 pm: 18 Democrats betrayed all of us by voting with 55 goose-stepping Republicans to defeat the filibuster.


24 Democrats (plus [Vermont independent James] Jeffords) either understood why Alito was a menace who had to be stopped at all costs, or were willing to be persuaded.

Democratic Underground

Tomorrow, the Bush illegal domestic surveillance scheme comes front and center. We’ll see what the folks who thought discussing Alito was too much of a bother have to say about the theory of Bush as King.

The Daily Kos

Chief Justice Roberts will swear Alito in, in "a private ceremony later in the day."

This will be "in plenty of time" for Alito to be used as prop by Bush tonight at the State of the Union speech, where we can expect him to tout his victory that will have dire consequences in the future, on the lives of Americans.

The Democratic Daily

Please, stop. It isn’t that you aren’t highly entertaining. But you’re embarrassing yourselves. The sky isn’t falling. Stop the whining.

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