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Welcome Home, Soldier

Friday, January 13, 2006, 21:35 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

By this time tomorrow, Scott should be on his way home. He spent the last year in Iraq, arriving back to the U.S. just before Christmas, but apparently he had many demobilization duties down in Mississippi that delayed the final leg of his return.

I didn’t know Scott before he went overseas; we “met” when my mother, who worked with him, started forwarding his interesting e-mail updates and musings. I suggested he post his writings to a milblog, which I subsequently designed and maintained. We met for the first time in September when he was home on R&R.

While maintaining his blog, I learned a lot about how our military and the Iraqi people (military, police, and civilians) interact. I was most struck by his stories about the children he encountered. From his descriptions, they seemed trusting, accepting, and willing to see the good in others—things we adults tend to forget.

I hope he will choose to keep his blog online now that he is home, so that people can learn a bit about Iraq through the eyes of someone who was committed to serving his country in the most honest and honorable way he could.

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