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They’re Making the Clothes Bigger

Tuesday, December 27, 2005, 22:01 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

Men are probably unaware of this, but women’s clothing sizes have nothing to do with actual measurements. When we go out to buy a new pair of pants, we don’t look for waist and inseam like guys do. Our shirts don’t come in neck sizes. Besides bras, the sizes of what we wear are arbitrary. Pants in 32/30 will always be the same size, but size 8 long may or may not be what you think.

Last week, while completing my Christmas shopping, I bought myself a new pair of jeans. I’m supposed to wear a size 8, but unfortunately I have gained some weight and am now as heavy as I was about five years ago before I went to Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds. At that time, I was wedging myself into a size 12. I sure didn’t want to start buying fat clothes, but I was willing to compromise and buy a 10, hoping it wouldn’t be too small for now.

Amazingly, the size 10 jeans are too big. Even after washing and drying three times. I wish I could say that my recent weight gain was all in my boobs, but that isn’t the case. I’m the same size I was five years ago. It’s the clothes that have changed.

Do clothing manufacturers think we’re stupid, that if we put on a size 8 and it fits, we’ll think those extra pounds aren’t really there? Are they really doing us any good by enabling our denial about our unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise? Are my coronary arteries going to not get clogged simply because of what the label on my Levis says?

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