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The Triumph of Common Sense and Grown-Up Religion

Tuesday, December 20, 2005, 22:04 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

This decision makes eminently good sense. (It’s long, I know, but well worth reading.)

Synopsis: a federal court has ruled as unconstitutional a Pennsylvania school board’s decision to require the introduction of "intelligent design" into ninth grade science classes. As a religious person might say, Hallelujah! The nonsense has gone on long enough. It’s about time we all acknowledge—and say out loud—the following:

  1. "Intelligent design" is not science. It cannot be supported or disproved by scientific methods and, in fact, can only be accepted as a matter of faith. Calling it an "alternative" to evolution is a ruse to inject religious indoctrination into the science classroom.
  2. Those who insist on the teaching of "intelligent design" are not trying to present any "alternate theory" at all. They are trying to denigrate an existing theory they don’t like but can’t disprove scientifically.
  3. Contrary to fundamentalist Christian claims to the contrary, Darwinian evolution is not inconsistent with the existence of a divine creator, who could have created the universe in the manner theorized by Darwin if s/he had wanted to. It is inconsistent with the simplistic literal reading of the Genesis story of creation in six days, which is the real reason why fundamentalists seek to discredit it.
  4. This ongoing foolish insistence on portraying God as a simplistic magician borders on blasphemy.

That last one is a "theory" I can embrace.

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