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The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Friday, December 9, 2005, 20:05 EDT Leave a comment Go to comments

After an unusually mild autumn, we are now in the throes of our first major winter storm of this season. (The prior snowfalls that melted within a few days don’t count.) Here, in no particular order, are a few of the thoughts that have run through my head since I awoke this morning:

  • People are idiots.

    That thought actually runs through my mind at least twice a day, but what prompted it this morning was the dim bulb who decided to park his/her SUV in the middle of the driveway in the company lot where I park.

  • I love snow, except…

    …when I have to shovel it, brush it off my car, drive in it, or pay for all the heat I have to use when it’s cold enough for it. The only good thing about snow is that it’s pretty to look at, preferably through the window of a room where a fire is roaring in the fireplace. Unfortunately, I don’t have a fireplace.

  • People are idiots.

    Note to those who think it’s a great idea to snowblow their driveways with the chute pointed onto the street: thank your luck stars I’m not a snow plow operator because if I were, you’d have a plow pile in front of said driveway approximately the height of your front porch roof.

  • Snow makes my brain shut down.

    When I left my house this morning, I was laden down with a purse, briefcase, bag with breakfast and lunch, tray of desserts from a party last night to share with co-workers, and my winter boots. I dropped the boots on the back porch lest I drop them into the four inches of snow that had already fallen, planning to go back for them after I cleared my car. They’re still on my back porch, which means that I’ll be walking to my car after work in regular shoes with snow up to my knees. OK, sometimes I’m an idiot too.

  • Have I mentioned that people are idiots?

    The weather forecast for today called for heavy snow this morning into early afternoon. It’s supposed to taper off after about 3:00, so that by the evening commute, driving should be  good , er,  not too bad , er, still horrible but better than at, say, 2:00. So naturally, the brain trust that runs the local campus of the company where I work decided to close at 2:00. I’m not falling into their devious trap, though; I’m staying until the roads are plowed.

I really should just move to someplace warm and snow-free, but unfortunately you can’t have this

or this

without some of this

So I’m staying put. I will continue to complain, but I’m staying put.

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